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blue house

Calcutta’s Faded Grace

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The city of Calcutta is ornamented with beautiful buildings, artistic creations of an exceptional standard. Unfortunately, the graceful queen dowager of noble cities is frail, a crumbling and neglected shadow of her former regal self. How wonderful it would be to see her returned to her former glory…

© me! 


Above: Private home in Deshapriya Park 

blue house

Above: Residence in Sudder Street 

Calcutta Skyline 1

Above: New Empire Cinema, Chowringhee 

* Wesley & Rikshaw

Above: Wesley Chapel, Sudder Street 

Wesly Wing

Above: Side wing of the Wesley Chapel 

Corner 2

Above: Hotel in Mirza Ghalib Street


Above: Surana Mansions near Newmarket

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Author: Braja Sorensen

Braja Sorensen is an Australian writer who has lived on the banks of the Ganges in Mayapur, West Bengal, for 13 years. Get in touch with Braja or find her books on Amazon via the links at the top of the page.

One thought on “Calcutta’s Faded Grace

  1. Enjoyed these photographs, which were reminiscent of my travels to the old city Panama and also Havannah, Cuba.

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