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He could do no wrong. He was perfect…


Strong, handsome, successful—even if only in a small way. But still: achievement was his. That’s what she saw in him anyway. She worshipped everything about him.

Surely that’s love?

Everything about him was captivating. Appealing. He made a room shine. He laughed a lot, and people loved his laugh. He smelled good. He walked good. He wore his jeans good. She loved the way he drove—he was in control. It was all the little things that captivated her.

Surely that’s love?

Her mind flipped. Sense went out the window. She dived headlong into the bliss of being in love. Life changed; propelled by her own happiness, she accommodated and adapted to every change. It was all for the good, this change…

Surely that’s love?

Everyone was happy for her; she’d found her man. She was a different person. Life was perfect. The future looked bright. Everything was going so well.

Surely that’s love?

Time went by. Things changed again. The arguments were constant, no longer unexpected. She started to see only the faults in him. Her eyes—once smeared with the elusive salve of love—were clear, open, and privy to a reality she didn’t want to be a part of.

Was this love?

She couldn’t deal with it. Where was the man she fell in love with? Whom she’d fallen for so hard? Her mind had flipped: was that false, or had it really flipped?

No, it had flipped alright…

Flipped sense on its head; flipped reality out the window; flipped a dream-state, desire-filled wanna-be existence into pole position and forced it full-speed down the track to the winner’s gate where it gorged on the feel-good, ego-rush, dream-fulfilling swirl of standing on that dais in number one position, a medal around its neck. The prize? Change, but only good change. A man. A husband. An achievement. A position in life: wife, adored woman—winner.

And she wondered where she’d failed…


© Braja Sorensen

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4 comments on “Love-Life

  1. mahabore
    December 13, 2013

    Wow, that was quite a poignant post. Most of us are so blind in love that we fail to realize that people change as they grow older, wiser and as the realities and vagaries of life catch up with them.

    • Braja
      December 13, 2013

      “The vagaries of life.” Precisely….well put ;)

  2. purplespiritmoose
    December 13, 2013

    Oh. Ow. This one felt too much like my own.

    Loved it.

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