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Installation Art


This is my installation art from yesterday morning in Calcutta. Well ok, it’s not “mine.” And if you want to be picky, it wasn’t *technically* an installation, it just happened to be there when we walked past. Anyway, it’s art. You’re welcome.


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Author: Braja Sorensen

Braja Sorensen is an Australian writer who has lived on the banks of the Ganges in Mayapur, West Bengal, for 13 years. Get in touch with Braja or find her books on Amazon via the links at the top of the page.

5 thoughts on “Installation Art

  1. i have flowers here for….Brah-jah….i dunno, can’t make out the card…


    i cant make out what is written on the door….not that it matters…life is art you know…looks like an old place…full of stories…and i wonder what the chairs are waiting on…

    alright, subscribing by email…i will be around.

  2. Very nice! I love it actually. I am captivated by similar types of aesthetic natural visuals…

  3. interesting catch, ordinary yet ……..

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